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A one stop shop for all your catering and event planning needs

There is never a service fee with us. This fee, which can be 20%-22%, is an unnecessary fee which most caterers charge and claim is for expenses.

We feel that any expenses should be listed on quotes for customers to see, not hidden in a large service fee.

​We also do not charge a mandatory gratuity. Customers should have a say in whether they wish to tip or not.

We can assist with events that require a liquor license. Contact us if this is needed and we'll help process the request. It can take some time to process a license request, so contact us as soon as possible if a license is needed.

A liquor license is needed for all events serving hard alcohol, in every venue, such as public or private stores, offices, party halls, and everywhere else except in a private home.

All basic equipment is provided free of charge. There is only a cost for major rental equipment. If major rentals are needed, please let us know and we will take care of it.

​We try to work with customers who are on a particular budget if possible. Let us know what is needed, and the budget, and we will do the rest.

We provide discounts to clients who use us on a regular basis. Contact us for more information.

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Buffet with Servers


Buffet with server: This services comes with our specially trained servers who will stand behind the buffet line and make sure portion control is applied to make sure every guest is served. This is the services that is mostly used .

Plated Dinner Services

Our plated dinner services is  one of the most elegant and exquisite services where your guest will be served by our well dressed uniformed servers while seated  and they will be served throughout the entire event. Your guests will spoiled all through the event and that will make them feel special which will also make your event a very memorable one.

This services will be the one to choose if you have the money to spend .

Self -Serve Buffet


Our self serve service is recommended for a family type event where you don't feel like serving everyone one after the other. This way, everyone can get what they want to eat .

This services is not recommended for a very large crowd because no one can control the portions sizes and you can't guarantee if the food will be enough for everyone.



Do you need lightening for your even? Let us hook you up with a very affordable company who will provide you with the type of  lightening you need for your event .

We will make sure you get an affordable pricing for your event.

just relax and let us do all the work for you.

Event design


Our Event decorators will take notes of your ideas and make sure they put everything detail into consideration when designing  your even . No stone will be left unturned  to bring out exactly what you done. Bring your idea to light looking as elegant as  possible

Let us make your next event the talk of of the town



We have the best catering team ever and caterer is amazing. She has a God given talent when it comes to cooking food. Give her the type of food you want and leave it to her to surprise  you.

I am telling you, she is the best at what she does and we always have the best feedback from our clients and i know you will come back with your own feed back if not asking for more food lol.

Fruit /Veg Appetizer Display

Our Fruit platter can be served as an appetizer to your guests while they mingle around and chat to wait for next activity. It is one of our unique way of cutting cost but yet healthy and elegant.

Passed Appetizers

Passed appetizers are also a unique way of spoiling your guests especially if the event is stand and mingle event. this will be an easy way to feed them like  a cocktail event.


There is no need looking around for different vendors when we are planning for your event. We have an in house baker and she is exceptional and a master at what she does, just give her your detail and she will get it done.

We know how stressful   planning for an event is and we want to take the stress off your shoulder, so when you hand the planning over to us, everything will be taken care of without any stress on you. 

Let us plan your perfect event

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